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The pandemic has truly had an effect on our young people’s mental health. More teens are feeling depressed and developing more anxiety symptoms during the pandemic. In fact, a survey by the Harris Poll concluded that 7 in 10 teens reported experiencing struggles with mental health issues.

The need for mental health resources is at an all-time high as more and more youth are struggling. But instead of getting professional help, teens are relying on Tik Tok to diagnose mental health conditions and get advice on how to treat them.

Erika Alhashmi, a Licensed Professional Counselor from Sandstone Care is warning young people and their parents to stay away from Tik Tok. Alhashmi says it’s incredibly dangerous for teens to diagnose themselves on Tik Tok and to be cautious about getting mental health advice on social media. The best advice is to seek professional help to treat mental health disorders.