Better Business Bureau has released the 2021 Scam Track Risk Report and according to the report, Online purchasing topped the list; however, cryptocurrency scams jumped to number two with a $1,200 median loss.

Cryptocurrency scams rose from the seventh riskiest to the second riskiest scam in 2021 with a median dollar loss of $1,200 and 66.2% reporting a monetary loss when targeted by this scam type.

Investment scams were third riskiest for ages 18–24 for the first time since we began publishing the risk report. The rise of cryptocurrency scams as the second riskiest overall in 2021 may play a role in the rise of investment scams as the third riskiest for this age group.

BBB is a great resource if you have any questions on a company that you may be unsure of or if you want to know more on how to protect yourself from being scammed.