You spend your entire life accumulating assets and wealth, but, what if something should happen to you? Are your children protected for the future? 

Estate planning is one of those things parents put off when it’s sometimes too late, and the consequences can be devastating. Remember the story of Cinderella, the orphan mistreated by her evil stepmother and stepsisters? Consider an alternative ending: A legally happily ever after, which starts with an estate plan and ends with Cinderella keeping the house.

Denver-based, Pamela Maass Garrett is an estate planning attorney and CEO of Law Mother LLC. She is dedicated to helping parents protect their children and assets while building their legacy. 

Here are Pamela Maass Garrett will discuss six crucial steps parents need to know to get started in their estate planning:  

1) L – Legal guardians – name guardians for your children
2 E – Economic support – provide for your family’s long-term needs
3) G – Guidance: expressing wishes for your care of life and care of minor children
4) A – Asset protection – planning for wealth preservation
5) C- Carry through, communicate and update
6) Y – Your family legacy