Thanksgiving Day scraps and your pets


Thanksgiving is a day filled with lots of yummy food and while having our pets near us at the dinner table is a common theme for families, pet owners should take caution when feeding their furry friends table scraps as it can quickly become a dangerous holiday for them. 

It is important for pet owners to be aware of the table scraps that can be harmful for their companions.

Some DON’Ts to keep in mind include: 

  • Don’t give your pets any cooked bones from the turkey
  • They can splinter into shreds and damage their mouth
  • Don’t give dogs any chocolate or sweet desserts 
  • These treats can be deadly to our pets 

Some thanksgiving staples that are OK to share include: 

                Turkey scraps with dogs — make sure the pieces are small and contain no fat

For those wanting to celebrate the special holiday with their pet and ensure their Thanksgiving meal is safe, Wag N’ Wash stores around Colorado Springs are offering special Thanksgiving Pup Meals. Wag N’ Wash’s special meals include a turkey loaf, sweet potato & peanut butter pie for dessert. These pup meals are great to keep your pets occupied while your guests are enjoying dinner, a nice treat for them to celebrate the holiday and also provide them with a highly nutritious dinner

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