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Lily Lemme and Kate Seneshen are two local Colorado teens who recently started a group called Colorado Teens for Vaccines, which aims to start the conversation around vaccine hesitancy.

The two teens started the group after finding out about Colorado’s low rate of childhood immunizations which now includes the Covid-19 vaccine. The mission is to empower Colorado teens to promote vaccination and health in their communities.

Most of their outreach is on Instagram, where they share information about COVID-19 vaccines through peer to peer advocacy.

Colorado Teens for Vaccines is completely teen-led and volunteer run. By providing the resources to allow our peers to be educated, our goal has been to help organize those who support vaccines and empower them to become involved in important conversions and efforts.

If you are someone 13-18 in Colorado who wants to get involved, but doesn’t know how, you can go to (, and visit their “Take Action” page.