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BENNETT, Colo. (KDVR) — A teenage girl is begging for answers while mourning the sudden loss of her prize-winning horse.

According to Adams County Sheriff’s Office, the horse, named Chief Boo Boo, was discovered dead in the family’s pasture in a rural part of Bennett Monday morning. They say someone shot the horse sometime between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. Sunday night into Monday morning. 

It is unclear if it was a targeted attack, random or a stray bullet. 

“The worst part is not getting to say goodbye to him,” Boo’s owner Maggie Dickinson told FOX31. 

The 17-year-old equestrian rode Boo for several years in the competitive rodeo circuit. The pair are two-time all around rodeo champions despite the fact that Boo lost an eye battling cancer in 2015. 

“He broke my wrist when I was nine and then after that we just kind of like clicked and he was my heart horse,” Dickinson said. 

According to horse enthusiasts, a “heart horse” is like a rider’s soul mate. It is the one horse that stands out to an owner over the course of their riding career. For Dickinson, Boo was her heart horse. 

“He taught me everything I know,” the teen said. “That horse was there for me when nobody else was and like, he was my best friend.”

She is distraught not knowing who killed Boo or why. 

“I don’t know anybody that hates me enough to try to do this to me,” Dickinson said. “Why would you just decide to shoot an innocent animal?”

Adams County investigators are asking anyone who may have seen or suspicious vehicle to call 303-288-1535. Investigators are also looking for any security camera or doorbell video that may help identify the shooter.