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Does your phone have a home?  When you head to bed at night do you throw your smartphone on your nightstand?  It’s time to find a better home for your phone!  I took the MusiQi for a test.

A phone stand

First up, the Musiqi is a phone stand.  You can set your phone flat on top of it or twist the Musiqi and your phone sits at a 45 degree angle.  The sticky pad will grip your phone so it doesn’t slip.  It’s the perfect angle for a nightstand or a table top while listening to music.  The sticky pad seemed to work better when I took the case off my phone.  As dust and dirt collected on the pad, it didn’t work as well.  The company recommends using tape to remove debris.  I did that and it worked.  I do have concerns about the long term stickiness of this pad.  So far, so good.

Wireless Charger

The best part about plopping your phone on the Musiqi is that it’s also a Qi wireless charger.  My Galaxy S7 has Qi built-in so it works right out of the box.  As long as the Musiqi is plugged in, my phone starts charging immediately.  Rumors are circling that future iPhones may include Qi but for now, you’ll need a special Qi case or adapter. I also like the cool blue ring that glows under your phone when charging is actived.  Very slick.

Bluetooth Speaker

As if a cool swivel sticky stand with Qi charging wasn’t enough, the MusiQi is also a bluetooth speaker!  The music comes from the grill peering from the swivel gap.  Pairing is as easy as you would expect, there are basic controls on the bottom of the MusiQi and it sounds like you would expect it to sound.  It’s small so it’s not the biggest sound I’ve ever heard from a bluetooth speaker but it’s good enough for a nightstand or kitchen speaker.  There is a built-in battery so you can go unplugged for about 3 hours of music playback.

Other cool stuff

The one thing I’ve noticed about products from Fonesalesman is that they always seem to go one step further.  That’s the case here.  Not only can you charge the speaker using a USB cable but you can also place the MusiQi upside down on another Qi charger to juice up the battery.  It’s Qi on Qi love!!!  It’s a nice touch.

There’s also a cool little carrying bag that comes in the box.  Not necessary but another nice touch.


At $80 you get 3 solid products combined into one. has been making cool Qi charging products for a while and it’s nice to see them branching out a bit.  The MusiQi could be the perfect place for your smartphone to rest, get juiced up and rock out on your nightstand.

You can buy the MusiQi right now directly from for $80.  Even better, I found it on Amazon for $30 less!