We hear so much about those Apple AirTags, which is great for tracking things like luggage, key and more. Problem is, AirTags only work with iPhones… what about those of us who don’t have an iPhone? For the rest of us, there are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags. I put them to the test!

The SmartTags are about 1″ square with a hole in one corner so you can add this to your keychain. The smart tags are designed to be small and inconspicuous. The black model I tested was small enough and light enough that I forgot it was on my keychain after a few days. They work in a similar fashion to Apple AirTags, using bluetooth to search for nearby Samsung phones and then using that phone’s connection to report it’s location back to a cloud server. Since it doesn’t use a SIM or it’s own data connection, there is no monthly fee to use the Galaxy SmartTags. The only catch is that you have to have a Samsung phone to setup and use the SmartTags.

Inside of the SmartThings app, the interface is pretty simple. You can find the current location of any of your tags, ring your tag if you want to find an item inside your home or car and look at 7 days of history of the SmartTag’s location.

Since the tags rely on Samsung phones to report their location, that will determine the accuracy and frequency of reporting back it’s location. In my testing in the Denver metro, it was not a problem at all. On my 30 minute 3am drive into downtown Denver the tag found my location at my house an at work. On my save drive home at 11:30am, it reported my location about 4 times along the same route. This all makes sense when you think about how few people with Samsung phones are on the road at 3am versus 11:30am. The tags, like Apple AirTags, rely on other people’s phones to work effectively.

There is also a feature that lets you turn on a ringtone in the tag itself for those moments when you just can’t find your keys or your purse. It’s an option inside the app that is simple and effective.

Overall, the Samsung SmartTags are great. They work as promised, in my testing in a major city the Samsung network of smartphones was more than adequate for reliable tracking and setting up the tag to my phone was simple. The only catch, if there is one, is that much like the Apple AirTags need an iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTags only work with Samsung phones.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTags are $30 each and available right now at major stores or online directly from Samsung.