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Home security cameras are cheaper and better than ever! We’ve seem great examples of this from Google Nest, Amazon Blink, Wyze and others. Now, a new company is working to challenge the affordable home security camera market with an inexpensive 360 degree camera. I took the Blurams Dome 2 security camera for a test.


The Blurams cam looks like most 360 cameras on the market. It has a base with a ball shaped camera on top of it. The housing rotates horizontally while the black camera portion can tilt up and down. There is a USB power port in the back and screw mounting holes on the bottom of the base for mounting to the wall or ceiling. That’s it. The design is simple.

It’s not huge but it’s also not tiny. I think it’s a good size although some might prefer something a little less noticeable.

Blurams app on the phone

The Blurams app on your Android or iPhone is pretty much what we’ve learned to expect from a camera app. It’s pretty self explanatory when it comes to watching camera live, viewing motion-detection clips, saving video or pics to your phone locally. There are some cool unique features that I really liked. You can create a quick panoramic that is then used as a way to pick which why the camera is pointing. Kind of like an image map to rotate the camera. Love it.

It also uses little thumbnails to save camera positions and then switch back between those locations.


The video from the Blurams is pretty good. The company calls is 2k, so they’re not promising 4k quality here but it does feel like a bump up from a 1080p camera. At this price, I’m not complaining. It looked good in both saved clips and when watching the camera live.

Oh yeah, it’s pretty cheap too!

As of 1/12/22 when I’m writing this post the camera is on sale for $30 on Amazon. That’s a steal! Comparable to other 360 security cameras on the market, it’s hard to pass this one up with all of the included features and the solid app experience. I’m not sure if they’ll return the price to the $50 list price but at $30 I can highly recommend the Bluerams 360 camera.