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Bluetooth headphones seem to be a dime a dozen these days. There are plenty of $20 or less options at your local big box store. Problem is, most of them stink. Sure, they’re fine for the kids to use (and likely break) around the house but if you’re looking for something that’s actually good, keep looking. I had a chance to test out the Aria Me bluetooth headphones that not only comes with a charging stand but also promises to tailor the sound to your ears. Here’s my take…


There are 3 pieces to the Aria Me headphones. You get the headphones, a removable microphone and the charging stand. The headphones themselves feel sturdy. These are true “cans.” Big headphones that cover your entire ear. The cushions are big, soft and comfortable. Even after wearing these for a while they didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. This is super important if you plan on wearing these for extended periods of time while working from home.

Aria Me bluetooth headphones with various buttons on the side of the headset

There are plenty of buttons on the side of the headphones. This includes the usual media control buttons as well as button to turn on ambient noise cancellation and a microphone mute button. I especially appreciate that mute button for people who are using these headphones with group video chat. There’s also an on/off slide switch. Another option I like to see instead of the typical “hold to power on” button.

Aria Me on the included charging stand

The included charging stand is a huge benefit with the Aria Me headphones. I’m the type of person who never leaves my headphones in the same spot twice and when I do finally find them they are never charged. This solves both of those problems! The charging stand uses metal contacts, which works, but I would prefer a Qi style wireless charging.

Custom sound?

One of the really unique things about the Aria Me headphones is that it can adjust the sound in the headphones based on your own hearing. The app goes through a series of frequency tests to create a customized profile. The profile is then uploaded the headphones. For example, if you have problems hearing the super high frequencies the headphones can automatically boost those sounds. Setting up the profiles was super simple and this would be a huge feature for anyone who has hearing issues. Best of all, once you upload a custom profile the the headset, it’ll stay with the headphones and work with any paired device. You can also turn the profile on/off by holding down the play/pause button.

Aria Me bluetooth headphones with soft ear rests and “L” and “R” indicators

How do they sound?

Good. REALLY good. I didn’t know what to expect and I was really surprised. The bass was deep and the highs came through. The personalized profile seemed to give it that extra enhancement. I don’t have any specific hearing issues but I did notice a slight improvement in the sound. I also like can headphones over ear buds because they help to isolate the outside sound even before you turn on ambient noise cancellation.

Things I’d change

I really like these headphones but there are a few small things I’d change. First of all, micro-USB? Really? It’s 2020. I wish the headphones and charging stand used USB-C instead.

Also – the headphones use Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 5.0 would have been a nice touch considering some of the advancements that come with 5.0. For this price, I don’t think it’s too much to ask.


The Aria Me bluetooth headphones are a solid set of high-quality headphones that have the added benefit of an included charging stand and custom sound profiles. I have a few gripes but when all is said and done this is a perfect example of “you get what you pay for.” This is a great set of headphones with some unique features that would be great during work from home or learn from home situations in 2020.

You can buy the Aria Me headphones from and use coupon code J3BEE75R to get $15 off.

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