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Smart speakers and smart screens are becoming commonplace in many of our homes. In fact, some of us have started referring to Alexa or Google as another person in the house. “Hey Mom, Alexa says it’s going to rain today.” It’s not surprise that these devices are getting even more personal. The newest Amazon Echo Show 10 can actually follow you around the room, keeping that screen faced in your direction. It’s perfect if you’re trying to read a recipe while moving around the kitchen or using the Show to make a video call to family or friends. I took the Amazon Echo Show 10 (Gen 3) for a test in my home.


The Show 10 has an interesting design to it. It almost reminds me of one of those iMacs from 2002. It has a cloth covered base that houses the speakers and a 10.1″ screen extends from the top. There are a few buttons on the top to mute the mic or adjust the volume. It has a front-facing camera for video calls but also includes a hardware slider to block the camera for privacy reasons. All in all, it looks sleek but it is a big unit. It will take up a lot more counter space than previous Amazon Echo devices.

Impressive speakers

Ever since the first Echo device, Amazon has done a good job of packing great sound into Echo devices. The new Echo Show 10 is no exception. The large base houses some impressive speakers that get loud, pump some decent bass and provides crisp music playback. This is great for a device with a large screen that will often be used to watch TV shows and movies as well.

Bright screen

The 10.1″ screen on the front of the Echo is mostly what you’d expect it to be. It looks good, has bold colors and is bright when it needs to be. Looking at the front of the Show it essentially looks like a tablet with a bezel around the outside and a front-facing webcam in the corner.

Stop looking at me swan!

The secret sauce of the Echo Show 10 is that the screen swivels on the base and can look at you when you talk. It can use the multiple microphones along with the camera to recognize your face and where you’re standing in the room. When you say “Alexa” it automatically spins to face you and will follow you as you move across the room. If you get a little creeped out, simply tell Alexa to stop following you and it will. This is a great feature if you’re moving around your kitchen and want to keep looking at a recipe. It’s also great cool when you use the Echo for video calls. I was pretty impressed with how well it worked even when I was halfway across the room.

Oh wait, there’s more

In addition to what you’d normally expect in an Echo device, the Show 10 (gen 3) also doubles as a smarthome hub. This isn’t new, Amazon has included this on a few other Echo devices but it’s an important addition. It only works with ZigBee devices, which may be an issue if you already own non-ZigBee smarthome devices. Otherwise, this could be a big deal for you. A smarthome hub can otherwise cost another $100.

What I’d change

I really like the Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) but the one thing I would change is the size. It’s big. It has a big footprint. If you have an end table or a good spot in your kitchen for the Show 10, you’re good to go. Otherwise, you’ll need to make space for it. I would love to see a less expensive version with a smaller screen and a more compact footprint. I love the swivel screen but I could see this being too big for people who live in an apartment with a small kitchen.


The Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) is super cool. The swivel screen almost feels like it’s looking you in the face. The sound from the speaker is impressive, the screen looks great and the camera is nice and clear for those video calls. It does everything you have come to expect from an Amazon Echo device and more. If you don’t mind the footprint, I think it’s the coolest Amazon Echo device yet!

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