When you think of a gaming computer, you think of a big giant custom built rig. Many gamers can easily spend $2,000 – $3,000 on a gaming PC! One company is trying to turn that idea upside down. The ACE Magician AMR5 Gaming Mini PC is a small form factor computer that promises gaming performance. I took it for a test to find out if it’s worth your money.

The first thing that struck me is how amazingly small this thing is. It truly is a mini-PC. It’s not taller than a pint glass and about the same width. There are cool integrated color LEDS on both sides and the top giving the ACE some spunk! Gamers know LEDs are a must on any gaming rig, big or small.

The side panel on the ACE pops off for some limited expandability. You can upgrade the RAM or swap out a different SSD. Other than that, you’re pretty limited compared to a full-size PC. You can’t add a proper graphics card and most other add-ons will have to come in the form of a USB device.

Inside you’ll find a Ryzen 5 5600U processor, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD drive for storage. Graphics come from an integrated Radeon graphics chip. This gives you a decent amount of power for games but don’t expect RTX level performance here, it simply can’t compete at this size or price point.

On the outside, I mentioned the cool LEDs that rotate colors but you’ll also find a functional dial on the top of the computer that lets you switch from “silent” mode to “performance” mode. There is also an “auto” option that lets the software select the best mode based on what you’re doing.

Who is this for?

The ACE Magician AMR5 is NOT for hardcore serious gamers. They’ll be looking to spend $2,000+ on their setup and will want the power of a full sized graphics card and the space of a full-size PC. This is for the rest of us. It’s a great PC that can handle most games with decent performance, doubles as a normal Windows PC, won’t take up much space in your home office or bedroom and won’t break the bank. Some would argue that this isn’t a proper gaming PC without a full graphics card but I think otherwise. It’s a great option for someone looking to casually play games without taking over a room with a giant computer.

4/5 geek rating

I’m giving the ACE Magician AMR5 4 out or 5 geeks! I am impressed but it’s small size, decent gaming performance and fun looks but know that some will want more expandability than the ACE provides.

The ACE Magician is available directly from the company’s website for $454
(DEAL ALERT – use both coupon codes NEW10 and ACEAMR5PC to knock that price down to $384.98)

If you prefer Amazon – also found this ON SALE for $400 at Amazon on 5/10/23 – a $54 discount.