The days of the standard doorbell are gone. In many neighborhoods, you’re more likely to see a smart video doorbell next to the front door than an old school button. Many of them are easily over $100 but the newest video doorbell from budget-focused company Wyze promises big features for a low price. I took the Wyze Video Doorbell v2 for a test on my front porch.

The Wyze Video Doorbell v2 is an upgrade from their original model that includes a few huge changes that many users were asking for. 2K video with a wider field of view provides a clear picture of who is on your front porch. This includes color night vision. This is a color image even with very little light. It works with almost no lighting! It’s impressive. There is also an IR option if you prefer that black/white illuminated video. Here’s are a few screen grabs to give you an idea what the various modes will look like.

Another big addition is a microSD card slot on the side of the doorbell. This is a big deal because it allows you to continuously record video from the doorbell, just in case. It’ll record video 24/7 to the card and then delete the oldest video once the card is full. These cards are so cheap so it makes sense to get a big card (128GB would be great). It also allows you to record video without paying for a cloud service. Most doorbell cameras only record video when motion is detected or the button is pressed and require a cloud subscription to access those clips. Sure, Wyze offers a cloud option if you’d prefer but the microSD slot gives you the freedom to chose if you want to pay for it or not.

The last major change is that the v2 now works with your existing doorbell chime. The original model required a custom chime to be installed in your home. Most doorbell cameras support the standard chime so it’s nice to see Wyze jumping on that too.


Installing the doorbell itself was super simple. I popped off my previous doorbell, screwed in the plastic mounting plate to my door trim and then screwed the two doorbell wires (sticking out from my house) into the back of the Wyze v2. After that, the doorbell clips into the plate and you’re good to go.

There is also a chime controller device that needs to be wired into your old school doorbell chime inside your home. Oddly enough, I followed the instructions and wired in the controller but it didn’t work. Pressing the doorbell wouldn’t ring my indoor chimes. So… I went backwards and returned the wiring to the way it was before I started and then it DID work. I can’t complain too much because the doorbell and chime are working just fine in my house but I’m a little confused as to why the in-app instructions told me to install the included chime controller even though it seemed unnecessary.

Things to know

I have a few issues with the Wyze Video Doorbell v2. I talked about the chime controller issues, that was just downright confusing when it didn’t need to be. I also don’t like that the microSD card slot is mounted on the side of the doorbell. It would be very easy for someone to open the rubber gasket and take my memory card. (the doorbell DOES record video to the cloud if the memory card is removed) It would make more sense if the card was mounted behind the doorbell.

I’m also surprised not to see some type of security screw to hold the doorbell to the mounting plate. It “clips in” as expected but it would be way too easy for someone to pop this off and steal it. Most doorbell cameras have a simple screw (usually with a torx head) that helps to deter theft.


At the end of the day, it’s all about the benjamins! This thing is $40!!! That is an insanely low price and in-line with what Wyze has done before. They take an existing product and make a ridiculously affordable version of it. The video quality is good, I love the addition of the microSD card and I feel like v2 is exactly what we expect from ANY video doorbell camera in 2023.

I can easily recommend the Wyze Video Doorbell v2 to ANYONE looking for a budget-friendly video doorbell. Once again, Wyze nailed it! Creating an high-end experience without the high-end price.

You can buy the Wyze Video Doorbell v2 directly from Wyze or from Amazon.

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