Tech Junkie: New SnapPower USB Charger 2 + GCFI Guidelight

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When it comes to tech gadgets in your home, the power socket on your wall is probably the last thing you would think of.  A company in Utah is trying to upgrade your standard power outlet.  I tested out their newest wall socket plate replacements that add charging ports or a night light.

The SnapPower products work by using replace the outside plastic plate on your power outlet.  On the back of the SnapPower plates are prongs that contact the screws inside your outlet.  This is how the SnapPower draws power for either USB ports or for night lights.

SnapPower USB Charger 2 – $23 (or lower if you order multiples)

If you are anything like me, many of your power outlets are jammed up with those wall wart plugs to charge your phones, tablets and other devices.  The SnapPower USB Charger 2 is genius.  It adds 2 USB ports to your outlet plate.  The original design only had 1 port – this new version has 2 ports and more power (insert Tool Man Tim Taylor growl.)  You now get 2.1 amps of power per USB port which means your devices will charge faster.  As with other SnapPower products the installation was simple and took me about 2 minutes.  Just remember to turn off your breaker before you install the plate.

SnapPower GuideLight 2 PLUSSnapPower GuideLight 2 PLUS for GFCI

SnapPower is also upgrading their GuideLight product with a dim switch that provides off, dim and bright settings.  In addition to that, they finally support those goofy outlets with the red breaker button in your bathroom.  Which is great because that seems to be the best place to use the SnapPower GuideLight.

You can also find most SnapPower products on Amazon.

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