If a smartwatch is too much tech for you but you live the idea of tracking your health and getting quick notifications on your wrist… how about the best of both worlds? That’s exactly what a hybrid watch is all about. Withings just released their newest hybrid watch, the Scanwatch 2 and it packs more tech than before with that same classic look. I took it for a test.

The Scanwatch 2 is a hefty piece of gear. I say that in a good way. This thing is made out of real metal and feels like a proper watch. At first glance it even looks like a classic watch with a face, watch hands and a crown on the side. A flip of the wrist or a press of the crown turns on the greyscale screen that you can control by spinning the crown. You can view health information, track a workout and view notifications from your phone. The screen is good enough for viewing a quick text but, in my opinion, not enough for reading emails. For that, you’ll need to pull out your phone.

Sensors galore
Withings crammed a ton of sensors into this watch including a PPG sensor (for heartrate), a SP02 sensor, an altimeter, a temperature sensor and an accelerometer. Withings is a health focused company so it only makes sense that the focus of this watch is on exactly that, your health. The app can track your heartrate, breaking, temperature, sleep, menstrual cycle and your workouts. When browsing through the app it definitely feels like a health watch first and a smartwatch second.

What’s a hybrid?
While most smart watches replace the entire watchface with a screen, the Scanwatch retains the classic watch face while adding a small screen for the smart stuff. This keeps the look classic but also allows the watch to run for 30 days on a single charge! That’s insane and removes a major pain point for many people who have avoided smart watches because of the daily charge. I’m a big fan of the FitBit Versa line because they can get 5-7 days on each charge but 30 days makes charging an total non-issue.

I love the idea of the hybrid watch and Withings nailed it with the Scanwatch 2. It’s not too much different from the original Scanwatch, refined with more tech, but there’s no reason to fix what’s not broken. If you’re looking for full blown smartwatch for reading emails, speaking texts and loading apps, this watch is NOT for you. If you want simplicity, a classic look, great fitness tracking and 30-days of battery life on a single charge, the Scanwatch 2 is exactly what you need.

You can buy the Withings Scanwatch 2 directly from the Withings website for $350.