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DENVER — The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is warning Colorado citizens of a scam that involves fraudulent text messages.

The scammers send a text message that appears to come directly from the phone user’s service provider, reading as follows:

“You may have noticed a charge on your bill for the Colorado Universal Service Fund. This charge is required by the CO Public Utilities Commission. For more info (a link is included)”

Recipients of this message should not click the link, which connects to a website that could possibly infect your phone with malware, encrypt your data or install spyware or ransomware, the CBI says. Recipients also shouldn’t reply to the message.

The CBI has contacted the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and they verify that they have not accessed this fee and that this is a scam.

According to the CBI, a major cell phone carrier confirms that this scam is targeting phones under their service. Reports to FOX31 Denver from viewers say that T-Mobile customers are being targeted by this scam.

The carrier’s advice is to delete the text message immediately, and then notify your cell phone carrier through customer service that you received the fraudulent text.