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DENVER —In a small electronics store on 17th and  Stout Streets, in downtown Denver, NexGeneration is taking watching television to another level — a level that can save consumers cash.

“The technology is ‘open-source’ meaning there are no fees to watch your favorite film, pay-per-view special or TV program,” said Joshua Simon. “While companies such as Netflix has a million streams, using the KODI platform, the MBOX system has millions of streams consumers can choose from to get their in-home entertainment.”

There are a pair of MBOX units to pick from, a 1 gig retails for $199 and the 2 gig unit is sold for $240. But, when you put the one-time cost up against a cable, satellite or Netflix type service, most consumers will save tons of cash by buying into MBOX service.

In the past, we also highlighted some of the other NexGeneration products, including their own tablet designed for use by school students. The tab retails for $100.

They also sell blue-tooth speakers that are soooo loud someone will be telling you to, “Turn that mess down!” But, if you like sound, you will keep the volume up, they say only the Bose offers a speaker with this kind of sound output.

So, if you are looking for a super gift head over to NexGen and be in line for prices you won’t believe.