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DENVER — Anybody that drives on Interstate 70 in the winter knows it can be tough with the usual heavy traffic – but there’s an app coming to a few Colorado ski resorts next season that could change the game.

It’s called “R.I.D.E.” and it stands for “Reducing Individual Driving for the Environment.” The hope is to cut down on traffic and reduce carbon emissions.

It’s already in use in other states, and Powdr, which owns Eldora and Copper Mountain, will roll out at its properties soon.

The app is currently in use at Snowbird, a popular Utah ski resort, and it has a rewards system that incentives users to carpool with meet up locations.

Some of the incentives include half-price tickets and VIP parking lots. The marketing director for Snowbird says it’s helped what has become a major problem.

The app also has features like new trail openings and weather conditions, but the primary focus is carpooling and reducing carbon emissions.