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LONGMONT, Colo. — Terralux designs and manufactures LED lighting and building intelligence solutions. Most of their systems can be found in commercial and industrial settings.

While light bulbs have been a pretty ‘dumb’ but wonderful invention, even new LEDs that can change color are not that special within the high-tech industry. But Terralux has developed the first bulbs with a brain.

“Our lighting systems known as—LEDSENSE—are a new generation of lighting technology which has a sense of smell, sight, and touch,” said Neil Cannon. “Our lights can feel how warm or cold a room is, see if anyone is inside a room or hallway and even sniff out odors in the air, including smoke, carbon dioxide or monoxide and harmful VOCs.”

These lights will raise the lighting to a brighter level and dim it if people depart and leave the room empty.

They can even feel temperature and control the heating and cooling based on the weather and the room if left empty.

If someone leaves a restroom stinky, yes, the lights can switch on exhaust fans or trigger an alarm system.

These lights—LEDSENSE—can reduce energy cost and use in buildings up to 90 percent.

And the company got very good news Monday as EnerTech Capital has led an $11 million growth investment in the company.

EnerTech Capital said, “The pace, quality and the market acceptance of their new products caught our attention. The new LEDSENSE technology with sensory, communications and controls capabilities will allow building owners to take advantage of previously unavailable information.”

Managing Director Bill Kingsley said, “The funding will be used to continue strong sales growth and further development of the Terralux rapidly-expanding products and cloud-based technology.”