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DENVER — Last year, some University of Denver students they needed a ride to the mountains, but they didn’t have a car.

So they created a new app to get them there.

“That was the genesis of the idea for the app,” said app co-creator and DU sophomore Meredith Gee.

Wanderlift is a new ride-sharing app created by four DU students, who had nothing more than their longboards to get around.

“Going on these adventures is fun. But not having that ability is limiting,” said DU sophomore Sam Schooler, another app co-creator.

People who need a lift to and from the mountains can now use the app to request a ride.

“I am posting a request right now to Keystone,” Schooler said. “I want to get picked up Jan. 27 and leave in the evening from Keystone. I want to pay $20 for one seat.”

You can also sign up to drive and post your own trips, or find someone looking for a ride.

“This one is going from DU to Vail. It’s $15 and two seats. She has a description of when she’s leaving and when she’s coming back,” Schooler said. “They are not exactly making a profit. They can make a small amount. But it’s mostly offset cost going skiing.”

But it’s certainly much more affordable than other ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft.

And the app isn’t just for skiers and snowboarders. It’s for any outdoor adventurer such as taking a hike or attending a concert at Red Rocks.

And down the road, the group hopes Wanderlift can lift everyone’s mood in the mountains by reducing the hourslong wintry gridlock.

“And if we could get a lot of people using it, we would really start helping with traffic. We’re a long way from that, but it’s a start,” Gee said.

The app is available for people in downtown Denver, DU and the University of Colorado.

It’s available at from Wanderlift’s website and the Apple store. It will be available for Android phones in a few days.