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DENVER — For 16 months now Spruce for Men barbershop and clothier has been holding their own in the retail world.

But for CEO Taylor Romero, that’s not enough.

He said retail sales need to be about the experience and not just selling stuff. “It’s not about selling stuff. The internet sells stuff. We are about people, connections and community.”

That’s why Romero created Spruce Bot. “Spruce Bot is a bot that we built, it helps us run the store.”

A bot is a software application that runs automated tasks over the internet at a much higher rate than would be possible for humans alone to do.

It’s not an app, but a program that allows customers to interface with the shop via text message,  wifi, Facebook, and enjoy unconventional shopping like Handshake Checkout.

For example, you can grab a pair of jeans, tear off the price tag and give it to a sales person, then walk right out of the store. Spruce Bot will bill you later.

A handshake and a smile or a high tech computer program, either way the result is the same, good customer service.