Colorado 3D printer maker earning big money


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DENVER — The technology has been out there for 30 years, but in the lime light for about three. And to see them working in person you would say that technology is really out there.

But let’s cut to the chase, just how does a 3D printer actually work?

“It’s almost like a glue gun with a brain,” says Aleph Object’s marketing manager Harris Kenny, “…there is a material that is feeding in the top and it’s following a pattern based on a computer model and creates an object.”

Aleph Objects have been making 3D printers for almost five years and business is so good, they’ve put their own 3D printers to work making more 3D printers.

And 3D printers they are selling. Gross sales in 2013 were $1.7 million, in 2014 they were $2.5 million. This year sales are projected to be over $10 million.

3D applications are endless. Customers like NASA and Mitsubishi use Aleph Objects printers.

What can be made by a 3D printer is as endless as the imagination, but right now, Aleph Objects printers are making them … a whole lotta’ money.

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