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Forget the cables, go wireless!  Qi (pronounced chee) is a wireless charging standard that is built into some phones.  Even if your phone doesn’t have Qi you can add it to some phones. sells Qi wireless receivers.  It’s a wafer thin rectangle that you place under your battery cover.  On some phones there are 2 pins that line up with the receiver.  Pop the cover back on aand your smartphone is Qi ready.  This means you can simply set your phone on a Qi wireless charging pad and your phone will start charging.  Look mom, I got no strings!  Check to see if they offer a receiver for your phone here.  You can also check here to see if your phone has Qi built-in without any additional receiver. also sells one of the coolest Qi chargers we have seen yet, the QiStone+.  It is designed to look like a stone but it’s a Qi charger.  Plug it into the wall or your PC and you can charge your Qi phone on it.  You can also charge up the stone and take it with you.  It has a built-in battery so it can charge your phone when you don’t have a power plug available.  It gets even better!  You can even charge the QiStone+ by setting it down on another Qi charger.  Cool!  There’s a USB port on the QiStone+ so you can charge your non-Qi compatible devices.

At $70 it’s not cheap by any means but it’s the most versatile Qi charger I’ve seen.