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SnapPower turned our simple power outlet cover plates into a built-in night light.  When the lights are off it pulls power from your power outlet to create an LED guide light that shines down onto the floor.  It was a really cool idea and an easy way to add some accent lighting to your home with a 5 minute install.  I reviewed the GuideLight back in 2016.  Now, they’ve outdone themselves.  Taking that original concept and connecting multiple Guidelights together.  I took the new SnapPower ConnectLight for a test in my home.


I know anything having to do with electrical can seem daunting for many of us.  Good news, it’s not!  At least not when it comes to the SnapPower devices.  Total install of 2 ConnectLights took me less than 5 minutes.  Flip off the power at your breaker box (it’s that grey thing on the side of your hosue), remove the existing plate cover on your outlet and snap in the ConnectLight making sure the tabs tough the outlet screws.  1 screw in the middle attaches that plate to the outlet.  That’s it.  Flip the break back on and you’re in business!

How it works

The difference with the ConnectLights is that multiple lights can now detect motion and talk to each other.  So, if one light detects motion in the dark, all of the lights will then turn on.  You can connect as many of these lights as you want and it all works on it’s own wireless signal with no need for wi-fi or any sort of hub.  You can setup 2 different zones that operate independently of each other.  You can setup a group of lights in the upstairs hallway for the kids taking those bathroom breaks at night and another in the entrance hallway if you leave for work before the sun is up.  You can also setup ConnectLights to simply work independently as a motion activated light.  Each light can be programmed to stay on for 15 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes before it turns back off and waits to detect more motion.

So – how did it work?

It worked exactly as expected.  I was impressed how responsive the motion detection was.  The lights turned on right away and even detected motion from across the room.  I was also impressed with how synchronized the lights seemed to be.  I couldn’t detect any delay between the first light and second light turning on.  When the timer ended the ConnectLights had a nice slow dim effect as they turned off.  Nice touch!

Things I’d change

There’s not much to change here – the ConnectedLights are simple to install and work exactly as you’d expect.  Some might find the wall plate to be a little clunky.  It definately sticks out more than the original GuideLight.  Also, if you have a larger home and want to setup more than 2 zones you’re out of luck.  It would be nice to see a version with 4 zones or more.  I’m nitpicking here though – these are minor things that won’t take away from how cool the ConnectedLight is.  Once you set it up, it just works.

Final Thoughts

These are cool.  The GuideLights were among my favorite simple tech products to make your home smart and this just kicks it up a notch.  SnapPower has found a way to take what was a cool product and make it even better.  If you have a hallway that needs that extra accent or you simply want to light the way when the lights are out, this is a great way to do it.

SnapPower ConnectedLights are up for pre-order now on a Kickstarter campaign.  If you get in early you can buy them for $20 each or less if you buy a multipack.  They will start shipping in December.

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