Samsung out with a brand new way to keep tabs of your stuff, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2. Similar to Apple Airtags, the SmartTag2 is a low energy Bluetooth device that uses the network of Samsung phones to report it’s location back to Samsung servers. The new model promises better local tracking with Ultra Wide Band as well as MAJOR battery life improvements. I put the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 to the test.

New form factor

The first thing you’ll notice about the new SmartTag is the re-design. Instead of a simple square with a keyring hole, the new tag has a rounded shape to it with a large metal hole to attach to your belongings. The footprint looks bigger but the tag is noticeably thinner so it actually feels good in the hand. I like the new design but there is some vocal pushback online about the new design, some hoped it would get smaller instead of larger. Replacing the battery is easier than before with a small pinhole inside the ring area that ejects the battery. Otherwise, it’s a simple reshaping of the original SmartTag.

How it works?

The SmartTag works just like the original, using low energy Bluetooth to connect to any nearby Samsung phone and anonymously report it’s location back to the Samsung servers. This means, as long as is a Samsung phone nearby, the tag can update it’s location in your app. This also means there are no monthly fees. This is also how the Apple AirTags work, using the network of iPhones instead of Samsung phones.

I tested the new SmartTag in my backpack on a recent trip to Southern California and it proved to work exactly as promised. The map tracked my trip from DIA over to LAX and then around the Los Angeles area. It’s simple but it works.

What’s different?

While basic functionality is similar to the original SmartTag there are some very notable improvements. Added UWB (Ultra Wide Band) support allows you to find your tag locally with directional navigation – this points you in the actual direction of your tag instead of just showing signal strength. Very cool!

Most importantly, the battery life has been drastically improved! With a new battery saving mode the SmartTag2 lasts up to 700 days before you need a battery swap. This is nearly 2 years and double both the original SmartTag and the Apple AirTag.


If you’re a Samsung user, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2. While many were hoping the design would be smaller, I didn’t hate it during my testing. The UWB features are nice if your phone supports it but the battery life changes are the real game changer! I wish the Galaxy SmartTags worked with other Android phones but for now, you’ll have to have a newer Samsung to use them.

I’m giving the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 4 out of 5 geeks!

The Samsung SmartTag2 are available from Amazon or directly from Samsung for $30 each.