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Samsung out with their newest wireless bluetooth earbuds that promise active noise cancellation for a more affordable price. At $150 the Buds2 are $100 less expensive that the noise cancelling Apple AirPods Pro. I took the new Buds2 for a test.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 will look familiar to anyone who has used Samsung buds in the past. The charging case is simple. Flip open the top to reveal the two buds nestled into their spots, secured by magnets. The case itself can be charged up wirelessly using any Qi wireless charger. There is a USB-C port on the back if you want to charge up the case the old school way, with the included cable.

The buds themselves are pretty much what you would expect. They have little rubber ends that push into your ears and a round end that sticks out. Each bud is clearly labeled L or R (thank you Samsung, earbud confusion is a real thing!) Samsung crammed a ton of earbud smarts into these little buds, including tiny microphones, batteries and speakers. The beauty of it, is that it’s all hidden inside these little shiny buds. They look slick.


Typically I wouldn’t even bother talking about software when testing out a set of earbuds but… the Samsung touch is something to be noted. Much like what you see on the iPhone with AirPods, the Buds2 are deeply integrated with Samsung Galaxy phones. Simply open up the case and a cool notification pops up on your Galaxy asking if you’re ready to pair the buds to your phone. It’s a very solid experience that makes setting up the Buds super simple!

The software also allows you to change the settings including EQ, how much ANC you want applied or adjust the touch controls on the outside of the buds. The software will even check to see if the buds are fitting tight enough in your ears. I have no idea HOW it works but it’s a pretty cool feature.

How do they sound?

They sound good! Pretty dang good in fact. The ANC does a great job of block out the outside noise and music sounds great. The bass is as good as you’d probably expect for tiny little ear buds. The audio settings on the phone did a pretty good job of tweaking the sound to my liking.


The Galaxy Buds2 are a great deal at a pretty good price. You’ll save $100 compared to similar features on the Apple AirPods Pro. If you’re using an Android phone, especially a Samsung, you can’t go wrong with the Galaxy Buds2. If you’re using an iPhone, the Buds are a great option but you may prefer the integrated experience from the more expensive AirPods.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are available right now in most major retail stores or directly from Samsung.