Tech Junkie Review – MOJIETU Lightning Smart Tire Inflator


Some things haven’t changed in decades… even though they should.  The pump we use to inflate our tires has remained tried and true since as long as I can remember?  So – is it time for an update?  Roidmi decided to make the inflator smart… I took it for a test.

The Mojietu Lightning Smart Tire Inflator is about the size of a can of energy drink.  It has a tube on the top and a light on the side.  When it’s turned on a digital display will illuminate on the top of the device as well.  There are touch sensitive buttons surrounding that display.  There’s also a lightning port on the side for charging this pump up.

There is an LED on the side that is perfect when you have to use this in the dark.  It’s not crazy bright but bright enough.  You can also use it in emergency mode which creates a flashing red light.  The light is a nice touch to make the Mojietu even more usable and versatile, especially if you keep it in your trunk.

The tube is tucked into the device itself creating a U shape on the top.  When you pull that tube out it turns the device on.  You can select between car tire, bike tire or sports ball to use auto settings or simply set the PSI level yourself.  The pump will automatically fill up the tire to the pre-set level and then turn itself off.  It’s pretty simple and works pretty well.  It pumped up tires quickly in my testing.  It’s still going to take some time to pump up a larger tire on a car but it seems faster than most electronic pumps I’ve used in the past.  Best of all, it runs on battery power so it’s easier to setup and less convoluted to use.

Battery Life?

If the battery doesn’t last, this thing doesn’t do you any good.  Roidmi promises you can pump up 6 car tires or 9 bike tires or 44 soccer balls on a single charge.  I wasn’t able to test out all of those situations.  It didn’t seem to die or hesitate in my testing.  My concern is how long does this last in your glovebox or bike bag before you need to recharge it?  I’d had to grab it only to find out the battery died while sitting in my car for a few months.  Personally I’d try to give it a recharge once a month.


This thing is cool!  Perfect gift for someone who is a new car owner, avid biker or spends a lot of time camping.

You can buy it on their IndieGoGo campaign – the cheapest option is $54 and ships this month.

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