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You probably know DJI for their drones. After all, they make some pretty awesome drones! What you may not know is that they use some of that cool video technology in other products. The newest DJI OM4 smartphone stabilizer is a perfect example of that. I took it for a test.


If you’ve used a previous DJI handheld gimbal then you’ll recognize the design of the OM4. It has a comfortable handle with controls designed for your thumb.

DJI OM4 Hand Controls

You can use the buttons to turn your phone from vertical to horizontal, start recording video or snap a picture, zoom in or out and tilt and pan. The controls are super intuitive and feel natural when using them. The included tripod screws into the bottom. You won’t need this when you’re shooting handheld video but it’s great for time-lapse video or shooting video of yourself with the tracking feature. The OM4 also folds down which makes it super easy to pack in your bag and take it with you

The biggest design change with the OM4 is that the actual mount that attaches your smartphone to the gimble isn’t attached to the OM4. It’s actually a spring-loaded mount that you attach to your phone first and then it uses magnets to snap into the OM4. It is SO MUCH more use friendly than previous designs. It makes pulling your phone on and off the OM4 so much easier.

Smooth as silk

The OM4 gimbal does an amazing job balancing the smartphone. It’s a gimbal and it does exactly what you want a gimbal to do! Video comes out super smooth and it almost feels like the camera is floating in the air. Clearly DJI is using the gimbal technology they have perfected on their drones in the OM4.

The magic is in the app

Where the DJI OM4 goes above and beyond being a normal gimbal is in the DJI Mimo app. It controls the OM4 and offers a ton of super cool shooting features. There is a “Spinshot” that creates a very Hollywood style spinning video. Activetrack lets you track an object to either shoot your own selfie video or track your child while they’re running around in the yard. DynamicZoom creates a super cool effect where it zooms in while you move the camera away from an object… also super cool! Finally, my favorite app feature, is the Motionlapse mode that basically shoots a timelapse video while also following a path that you setup. Check out the Motionlapse video I shot in the Fox31 studio below.


Truth be told, some people may not need a gimbal. Smartphone digital stabilization is getting better everyday and new action cameras are using super high resolution sensors to improve that feature as well. GoPro has done a great job with digital stabilization. With that said, it’s just not the same. Physical stabilization is a pretty insane feature when you see it first hand.

The DJI OM4 is the best of the best at a pretty impressive price. If you don’t mind using your own phone as the camera, the DJI OM4 is the stabilizer I would recommend. Other models have a camera built-in but DJI did a great job of making it easy to attach your phone, easy to use the app and easy to shoot super impressive videos.

The DJI OM4 is available at most retail stores or directly from DJI for $150.

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