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Sure, any of us aren’t using our cars as much as we were pre-pandemic but it doesn’t mean you don’t rely on it!  Knowing your car is in tip-top shape is always important.  FIXD promises to make your dumb car smart and help you know what’s going on under the hood.  I took FIXD for a test in my 2010 Nissan.

The FIXD device is a pretty typical OBD-II plug-in fob.  It’s about the size of a box of Tic Tacs and plugs into the OBD-II port under your steering wheel.  Yes, you likely have one even though you didn’t know it was there.  Every car since 1996 has included this port.  It’s what the repair shop uses to figure out why your check engine light is on.  Once plugged in, the mobile app can detect the device and start sucking in all of the computer data from your car.


The app does a quick diagnostic check to tell you if there are any issues with your car, truck of SUV.  I ran it on my 11 year old Nissan and all looks to be well… surprisingly.

There are also some cool features that help forecast future issues and perform an emissions pre-check but it was a bummer when I tapped on those features to find out that you have to pay for “premium” to use them.  This will cost you about $9/month.

The features you CAN use without an additional membership include the basic diagnostic check, a timeline of suggested maintenance and cost, a breakdown of what those in-dash indicator lights mean and a cool live data dash board.

The live data dash board basically displays raw data coming from your car.  This includes typical information like speed and gas level but also some really interesting information like sensor data, throttle pressure and others.   It’s a car geeks dream and could be helpful if you’re trying to diagnose a problem.

For $60, FIXD is a good deal for anyone who wants to have insight on the health of their car.  The added bonus of that raw data dashboard is a fun feature.  You should know that some of the advanced features will require a membership that costs $70 per year.

You can buy FIXD directly from their website or on Amazon.