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DENVER — Kids aren’t the only ones needing school supplies. Teachers need them, too. Teachers on average spend five hundred dollars a year on school supplies for their students out of their own pockets.

When Jefferson County grade school teacher Gwen Vann recently retired she realized she had a lot of leftover school supplies, then had an idea. “I had a garage sale after I retired. It took two trucks to get my materials from my kindergarten class into my home. It sat in the garage two years. Finally had a garage sale and the teachers were so excited when they came.”

That’s because they were buying much needed teaching materials for pennies on the dollar.

That first garage sale soon turned into the annual Teacher 2 Teacher Consignment Sale, held in Denver. Twenty-seven consignors selling over 14,000 gently used teaching supplies at about twenty cents on the dollar.

All gently used for 80 percent savings. Now that’s an “A-plus” for economics.