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DENVER (KDVR) — A recent survey showed 71% of Americans enjoy at least one cup of coffee on a daily basis. But what may come as a shock, is the percentage of people who admit to adding alcohol to their brew during work hours.

Roasty Coffee surveyed over 1,500 Americans on varying topics related to coffee consumption. Some of the results that stood out were the addition of alcohol, method of brewing, purpose for imbibing, and spending habits.

Thirty-seven percent of the people surveyed answered yes when asked if they have ever added alcohol to their java during work hours. Another 30% said they’ve masked a coffee-less alcoholic beverage in a coffee mug while working.

While there are so many options for single serve pod brewing and other individual methods, the majority of Americans surveyed prefer a standard coffee maker system. The least popular was the pour over, as only 7% prefer this style.

Not to anyone’s surprise, the number one reason people said they drink coffee is for energy. But a not-so-distant second reason was for mood.

According to the survey, online spending on coffee-related products increased by 54% during the pandemic while coffee shops were closed and people stayed home.

The survey showed Americans consume an average 3.12 cups a day. Some said it helps them get through life, while others use it to increase productivity.