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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — Nearly 20 campgrounds are closed because of flooding in Colorado, including the western side of Chatfield State Park.

Chatfield continues to experience flood-related issues that are affecting recreation areas at the park. The west side of the park is closed, including the main entrance on Wadsworth Boulevard.

Access to the park is only available from the North Roxborough Park Road entrance.

All boat rams, the dog off-leash area, the marina parking lot, and the swim beach and adjacent parking areas are closed.

Despite the specific closures, the park remains open.

Chatfield Reservoir is at a historic level. On Wednesday, the water elevation reached 5,447.9 feet, surpassing the previous mark of 5,447.6 feet in 1980.

The Army Corps of Engineers will continue to release an above-average amount of water from the reservoir.

Farther south, the South Platte River and the North Fork of the South Platte River from the Jefferson/Park counties line to Chatfield have been closed to recreational use.