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Denver police support business damaged in weekend riot

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DENVER (KDVR) – A business that was heavily damaged in the riots in downtown Denver this past weekend is getting a boost from the community, including Denver police officers.

The Denver Police Officers Foundation presented the owners of the Quiznos near DPD headquarters at West 14th Avenue and Cherokee Street with a check to help cover the cost of the damage.

“I’m retired. It’s a shame to see what happened here,” Board member J.C. Tyus said.

President Kenneth Chavez said, “This is a member of the community that’s been hurt inadvertently and it shouldn’t have happened. It’s important for the whole area — many city employees and public come here on a daily basis. We are very sorry you were inadvertently impacted by people that are directing protest and riots against us.”

The Denver Police Officers Foundation donated $1,000 to the owner.

“We felt so bad. We felt compelled to get a check to you to offset the cost of the damage, the insurance deduction and the pilferage that happened in your store,” Chavez said.

Tyus said, “The main supporters of Officers Foundation is the officers themselves — so that is from all the officers.”

Ho Sung Kwak and his family have owned the restaurant for 12 years. They say generous acts like this are very meaningful.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude. We love our customers, but the love our customers show us is more than appreciated. Thank you,” he said.

The owners say they understand what a tough time it’s been, especially with COVID-19, but they say the last thing people should do is hurt each other.

“It’s sad when these things happen. I know people are hurting, but this is not the way to do it. Don’t hurt other people,” Ho Sung Kwak said.

Chavez said, “We all have to collectively work together to improve ourselves and help each other out in these difficult times. It’s difficult enough with COVID, but this even compounds it, so we should all work together. The Denver Police Department has always sought to make it safe and help these businesses thrive.”

James Wheeler is one of the founding members of the Denver Police Officers Foundation.

“This is kind of an example of what we’re doing as far as reaching out when they need a hand. We’re there for them, and that’s what we should all do — that’s the way it is,” he said.

And they hope others find ways to support local businesses as well.

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