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DENVER — More than three dozen Colorado law enforcement officers now have extra protective equipment, thanks to FOX31 Denver and Colorado’s Own Channel 2 viewers who donated to the stations’ Support the Shield campaign after three sheriff’s deputies were killed in the state during the last four months.

Some of those generous viewers, who donated to our Support the Shield phone bank in February, met the law enforcement officers they’re helping to protect at the FOX31 studio Saturday.

“The community is mad. They’re mad seeing what’s happening to law enforcement and they want to do something,” said Shield 616 founder and former officer Jake Skifstad.

FOX31 and Channel 2 partnered with Shield 616, an organization that helps protect law enforcement officers by providing them with additional protective vests and glasses, helmets and gunshot wound first-aid kits.

The vests and the extra plates that go in them can protect officers from rifle rounds. Officers will keep them in their patrol units and put them on when encountering dangerous situations.

“I can tell you law enforcement is not only dangerous everyday and they need this equipment, but law enforcement is hard everyday,” said Skifstad.

Now, 41 officers, including Littleton Officer Rick Redmond, will be a little safer.

“I love my community. I love to protect my community. And apparently my community really cares about me to a pretty high level,” Officer Redmond said, as he stood next to a supporter, Rod Taylor.

“So to be able to see him having this protection — being able to serve us and be protected at the same time — is amazing,” Redmond said.

The kits cost $1,400 each, which many law enforcement agencies cannot afford.

You can still help Support the Shield by donating here.