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Arapahoe County community rallies around deputy with two forms of cancer

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ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office and community are coming together to support a deputy in a time of need.

Jeff Manqueros is a former marine who has been serving Arapahoe County residents for the past ten years. He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer as well as kidney cancer. Deputy Manqueros said, “It’s been a rough road this year, but I am here to talk about it. I’m here, so I can’t complain about it.”

His colleagues describe him as a humble, kind, hard working person. Sgt. Michael Reed described how he helped a domestic violence victim. He said, “The guy carries a tool kit in his car at all times, just in case. Jeff managed to get her locks changed for her, he went to get the locks and got them changed for her. Low and behold the guy comes back with a gun and tries to get into the apartment. We were able to get that guy in custody. If it weren’t for Jeff and his toolkit, who knows what would’ve happened.”

And they say even through the radiation and chemotherapy treatments, Jeff has been a source of inspiration to them. Sgt. Reed said, “He still came to work every day. Sometimes we would have to force him to go home and rest. We wanted to make sure he’s doing everything he can to stay healthy.”

He is not sure what the final total will be, but he knows he will not be able to afford it alone. He said, “Unfortunately, cancer is not a cheap thing to get, let alone two different types with two different treatments. One of the drugs I take they prescribed me. Uninsured is $11,000 per month. With insurance, it’s $3,000 a month. I’m supposed to take it for two years.” Sgt. Reed added, “At first, kind of a joke. He said, ‘just got $69,000 bill from the hospital’. Then the next day, ‘oh here’s a big one, $200,000’. Just became a running joke. It is well over a million now and that was before the kidney cancer surgery last week. Anything we can do to help him with that is going to be huge. He’s the sole provider for him and his family, his grandchildren.”

His best friend, Derrick Norris II said, “Whenever I need something, he’s there for me. Personally I was devastated and I wanted him to know whatever he needed, I would be there for him. My dad is a pastor in Texas and he started a GoFundMe for him. They became close through hunting. He has spread it across the country.”

Jeff’s colleagues also surprised him with a check and some money they collected around the sheriff’s office. He said, “It’s going to help me to hopefully stay on top of the cancer and allow me to fight for many years to come.” He is already anxious to get back to work, as soon as the doctors clear him.

Link: GoFundMe for Jeff Manqueros

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