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DENVER — A new study published in “Pediatrics” suggests there is no harm in letting your baby “cry it out” at bedtime. 

Researchers from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne looked at two sleeping methods that allow for babies to cry for limited amounts of time to get to sleep. 

The study followed 326 children until the age of six and found no long-term psychological damage and no affect on the bond with parents. 

That’s good news for new moms like Jamie Batten.  She plans to use some sleep training with her new baby, Hadley. “I think when she is a little bit older, I feel comfortable letting her cry, I would say maybe up to ten minutes on her own.  I think it helps her learn how to self sooth,” Batten said.

Dr.  Michael Simones, at Partners in Pediatrics in Denver, says it’s good to have new research to support the advice he gives.  “I think  parents are comforted by hearing the results of those types of studies.”

But this is a controversial issue and some parents just don’t agree.  Drew Sandoval says he doesn’t want his daughter to cry it out.  “Be a parent.  Handle it.  Pick them up,” he said.