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DENVER — A new study released by Denver Health has some doctors concerned about what pregnant women are hearing from marijuana dispensaries.

People pretending to be pregnant women called dispensaries all over the state to ask them if they should consume or not. Researches found that 69 percent those dispensary employees gave the callers a cannabis recommendation.

“It was surprising and concerning to us because there are data that suggest that cannabis can be harmful to the developing fetus,” Dr. Torri Metz with Denver Health said. “We expected a much higher proportion of them to say they couldn’t make a recommendation or to encourage women to talk with their healthcare providers.”

We talked to a mom who agrees talking to someone who is educated about pregnancy and cannabis is important, but she insists using the drug during pregnancy can help.

“When I was pregnant with my son, he just turned 13, I had a very complicated pregnancy and was actually at risk,”Jenna Hoch said.

She says cannabis helped her get through that hard pregnancy.

“A really difficult morning sickness issue and it basically completely curbed it, it completely stopped the nausea and the constant vomiting, it changed my life,” Hoch said.

Moving forward professionals hope this study will spark a conversation so everyone can be on the same page.