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Shock and awe. That might describe public sentiment surrounding the new Time Magazine cover showing a 26-year-old mother breast-feeding her almost four-year-old son.

The cover is already turning heads and creating buzz around what’s right and what’s wrong about Attachment Parenting Theory: a parenting style made popular by Dr. Bill Sears and his many books covering the topic. 

Joanne Beauregard of Broomfield is one of the several moms interviewed by Time about Attachment Parenting. 

“Attachment Parenting to me means being with my children most or all of the time,” she told us.

Beauregard is the mother of 22-month old Clair and 2-month-old James, and continues to tandem breastfeed both children.

Attachment Parenting is classified as a parenting approach where baby-wearing, extended breast feeding and co-sleeping are the norm.

“We (just do) what feels natural to us. It just so happens what felt natural is also what lined up with Attachment Parenting, she says. 

The Time article discusses the rise of A.P. theory in the United States:  a nation that largely sees breast feeding older children as taboo. 

“As they get older, there is a natural detachment that has to occur so the child can interact with everybody else,” another Broomfield mother told us.

Despite the unwanted attention extended breastfeeding generates, Joanne isn’t phased. 

“I just want to raise awareness of it and I don’t get embarrassed by (public breastfeeding) I think it is good for people to see,” she says. 

The Time Magazine article hits newsstands on Friday.