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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — A Broomfield family reached out to the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers to uncover a mystery they worried might be out of this world.

They captured video of something they couldn’t explain after a public fireworks show on the Fourth of July.

The Gutierrez family enjoyed the fireworks above Broomfield County Commons Park. But when the last pyrotechnic faded away, something else in the sky caught their eyes.

“Are you guys seeing this?” asked Angel Gutierrez, who recorded the unidentified flying objects. “I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

“About seven, eight lights. They were hovering there. They were going different directions, going inward. And they looked kind of liked asteroids, with kind of a shimmering tail at the end,” said Angel’s mom, Nora Gutierrez.

“Each disappears, one by one. … That was it,” Angel Gutierrez said.

The family had no idea what they had just seen.

“They weren’t stars or comets. These lights were bright,” said Angel’s dad, Marco.

They were pretty sure the lights weren’t coming from a manmade aircraft.

“I didn’t know what to believe. I knew they were not planes because they were going a lot slower. They weren’t helicopters, no blinking lights,” Nora Gutierrez said.

They had just watched the latest “Independence Day” movie, so they couldn’t help but think of alien life.

“Aliens kind of attacking, destroying Earth,” Nora Gutierrez said. “And it was Independence Day. You know, the timing was there.”

They knew the truth was out there, so they asked Problem Solvers to find it.

“The good news is, it’s not evil aliens coming to take over and turn us into slaves,” said Matthew Baxter, a paranormal claims investigator who is part of Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research.

Baxter and his investigative partner, Bryan Bonner, encountered the same question two years ago.

“We discovered every Fourth of July they have a team of sky divers with fireworks attached to their feet. Then, they do a slow descent,” Bonner said.

Those sky divers performed in Thornton this year, too. They did a similar jump over Sports Authority Field at Mile High for a Broncos game two years ago.

“Generally, they keep in a pattern. From a distance that pattern looks like a triangle,” Bonner said.

They appear to be hovering because they are such a long distance away, Bonner said.

“There’s no danger at this point. Who knows, maybe next year?” Baxter said.

Mystery solved for the Gutierrez family, though they still might not see an alien movie the same way ever again.

“I just shake thinking of it. It’s scary,” Nora Gutierrez said.