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It is a highly emotional time for everyone and with that increase in emotions comes and increase in emotional eating.  Combine that with that fact that we are all stuck in our houses, and this emotional eating behavior can get out of control!  Stress, boredom, sadness, anxiety- these can all cause us to turn to food to provide comfort and soothe us.  But the problem is that this comfort is short-lived, causing us to engage in this behavior more and more.  AND, we are building a habit that’s going to be incredibly difficult to undo after this crisis is over.

Fortunately,  Dr. Candice Seti has the answers to how people can get through this time and management their stress and their emotions in a way that doesn’t require turning to food.  She helps people recognize and understand their emotions so they can respond with healthier, more adaptive behaviors.  Dr. Seti can help people get through this time without stress eating!

An international bestselling author, she is available to offer tips from her book “Shatter the Yoyo” and provide guidance on how to specifically apply these tips to emotional eating during the COVID-19 Shelter-at-Home crisis.  She has used these tips to shatter her own yoyo, losing over 40 pounds and ending her battle with emotional eating.