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Stickers are everywhere. Get in your car, there’s a sticker telling you what your tire pressure should be. Open your microwave, there is a sticker telling you the wattage. Go in your kid’s bedroom, and, well, you get the point.

Most of us probably don’t give stickers a thought on any given day. But, for Sticker Giant, in Longmont, their enthusiasm for stickers is what drives them.

“Our passion is to help others tell their stories,” says Jesse Freitas, Sticker Giant’s marketing director. “And the way we do that is promotional stickers, and product labels.”

It’s a family run business, which treats it’s employees as family. But, like any family, there is always ‘someone’ who stands out.

“Saul definitely gets the most visitors of any employee here,” says Freitas. “Pretty soon here, we’re gonna have to figure out a solution other than the little cart he’s on, to move him around, because it’s getting quite challenging.”

Challenging? It’s because Saul is a world record setting, 300 pound ball of stickers. He set the record in 2016, at 231 pounds, and continues to add weight to his girth.

“When we weighed him in this past year, we had the whole community come out, to make Saul great again,” laughs Freitas. “We put 12 pounds on him that day. No diet plans for him!”

Sticker Giant makes sure Saul does his part to give back to the community. “We partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Denver, brought him down to the Children’s Museum, had a bunch of kids putting stickers on him, and it was all to stick it to cancer,” says Freitas. They plan to brand their charitable giving with the hashtag #Saulgives.

You can visit Saul at Sticker Giant, in Longmont. They give tours, by reservation, on Fridays.

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