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DENVER — The state agency in charge of watching the oil and gas industry reported three new oil spills as a result of the flooding in the state two weeks ago.

However, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission said Tuesday that the amount of oil spilled is minor.

A total of 11 notable releases have been discovered at sites damaged by flood waters.

On Monday, COGCC had nine teams inspecting tanks and assessing locations for about 230 wells and tank batteries, said spokesman Doug Flanders.

In total about 34,500 gallons of oil have spilled. Two of the 11 releases are still being assessed.

For comparison, that amount would fill a large 25x45x4 backyard swimming pool.

“To date, less than 1 percent of shut in wells have had any isolated incidents due to debris-filled flood waters,” Flanders said. “Operators continue to work with state and federal regulatory agencies for clean-up and remediation.”

The most significant spills include a Noble location east of Kersey near Hwy. 34 and Hwy. 56, which released 121 barrels; a PDC location east of Greeley, near the intersection of Hwy. 34 and the bypass for Hwy, 34, which released 60 barrels and a Mineral Resources location north and west of LaSalle. It’s not known how much oil spilled at this location.