State Patrol cadet, Army veteran killed in line of duty honored on Memorial Day

Taylor Thyfault

Taylor Thyfault

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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — People left flags and flowers on the side of the road in Boulder County to remember cadet and veteran Taylor Thyfault who was killed on Saturday.

Dozens of community members stopped on Highway 66 near County Road 1 on Monday. “We’re just so, so sorry this had to happen,” said Nancy Newby.

“He’s a hero,” said friend Morgan Lenart. “(He) served in the military, out here being a cop that’s his choice. (He) saved a tow truck driver. I know 99 percent of people would not do that.”

Rusty Melvin is the tow truck driver. “I was coming around the car and he told me, ‘Get back. Get back. Stay off the road,’” said Melvin.

Thyfault knew a police chase was headed their way and seconds later, Christoper Gebers allegedly barreled through the accident scene. Investigators said he first hit Trooper Clinton Rushing who was putting out stop sticks.

“His car went into that drift and that’s when he collided with Cadet Taylor,” said Melvin.

Melvin said Thyfault saved his life. He met with the 21-year-old cadet’s family on Sunday to tell them personally. “I said, ‘Thank you for raising such a brave son,’” said Melvin.

They talked about Thyfault’s time in the Army and his dream of becoming a CSP Trooper.

“They shared stories of him so it was peace for me to hear what kind of man he was,” said Melvin. Melvin believed he brought comfort to the Thyfault family, especially to his mother.

“She had asked about my family and it seemed to bring her peace that she knew that I had a wife and kids and was going home to them,” said Melvin.

The Flying Wheels Foundation set up an account online to raise money for the families of Cadet Thyfault and Trooper Rushing.

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