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DENVER — June 1 is the day the Starbucks Coffee chain will put in effect a new, perhaps safer, smoke-free zone around its shops.

Signage has been put up letting customers know about the change in how, when, and where they can smoke while enjoying coffee, tea, or healthy donuts.

“I do smoke and I understand people not wanting to inhale my smoke, but I wouldn’t mind if they smoked sitting next to me,” said Mike Keeler. “It makes sense, but…”

The coffee giant rolled out the 25 instead of 15-feet rule in California and the Philippines last year, and since they had little resistance there, now the rest of the coffee loving world will get cleaner air on outside patios.

Right now, the company allows smoking on the outside seating sections. But that will change.

Even those E-cigarettes will not be allowed near front doors of the coffee chain. You’ll still be able to enjoy a cup of joe and a square, just not so close outside Starbucks front door.