Sri Lanka hotel confirms Denver man is missing

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UPDATE: Dieter Kowalski’s employer confirms that he was one of the people killed in the attacks. We have the latest info here

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DENVER–  A manager of the Cinnamon Grand in Sri Lanka confirms that Dieter Kowalski of Denver is a registered guest of the hotel and is missing along with seven other hotel guests.

The five-star luxury hotel and is described as one of three popular tourist hotels in Colombo.

The manager also confirmed with Fox 31 that seven other people staying at the hotel are missing and four staff members were killed in the hotel’s main restaurant during the blasts.

The bodies have not been officially identified. The hotel says that 10 staff members were hurt.

A bomb exploded in the same hotel in 1984 which left one person dead.

Fox 31 also spoke with friends and family off camera who said they were trying to reach Kowalski. FOX31’s sister station in Wisconsin unsuccessfully attempted to reach his family members there.

The hotel remains open but is only accepting guests with previous reservations.

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