With spring officially here, many pet parents are ready to start their gardens and plant those spring flowers. However, pet parents should be aware of several pet hazards that come with spring projects, gardening, and lawn care. 

Dr. David Israel, Medical Director for VEG in Boulder give us some tips to help keep the family dog and cat safe this spring and out of the Pet ER.

Here are some things your pets need to avoid this spring time:

1.       Avoid Certain Fertilizers, Soil Additives, and Pesticides – Fertilizers that contain bone meal or blood meal contain a lot of iron and feather meal which can be dangerous to dogs. Also, soil additives, pesticides, and insecticides that contain organophosphates can be life-threatening even in small amounts. 
2.       Put Away Garden Tools and Machinery – dropped rakes, shovels, garden forks, and other tools can lacerate paws if the tines are facing up. 
3.       Avoid Compost When organic matter decomposes, molds and bacteria can grow, some of which produce substances called mycotoxins, which when consumed by an animal, results in sickness and physical distress in as little as 30 minutes. 
4.       Provide Shade and Shelter – Pets can be susceptible to heatstroke and become sunburned or dehydrated. If your pets go outside, it’s a good idea to protect them by providing shade, and lots of fresh, clean drinking water.
5.       Avoid placing slug and snail bait in pet areas. These baits come in the form of pellets, powders or liquids, and contain the active ingredient metaldehyde, which is highly toxic to both dogs and cats.
6.       Be Careful of Pools and Ponds – Many pet owners enjoy having a swimming pool, or a pond on their property, it’s important to make sure that your pet cannot accidentally fall into a pool or pond.
7.       Avoid Certain Indoor/Outdoor Flowers and Plants that are dangerous to pets  and should either be avoided or placed out of a pet’s reach, including Sago Palm, Lilly of the Valley and lilies.

For more information on the Veterinary Emergency Group, check them out tat their three locations in Colorado.