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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Police in Colorado Springs will not respond to a burglar alarm if the device is not registered with them.

KKTV-TV reported the action is because many companies are failing to register alarms or failing to renew permits.

“People call our dispatch and we’ll say ‘I’m sorry, that’s not a permitted alarm, we won’t respond unless there’s evidence of a crime,'” said Lt. Brian Ritz of the Colorado Springs Police Department told the station. “Some people have gotten a little upset, maybe hostile. We understand that but we’re kind of bound by this ordinance.”

The police department said an alarm company is responsible for registering the alarm including a $24 yearly permit fee.

Last year CSPD said they responded to 10,500 burglary alarms, 97 percent of which were false.

In Denver, city rules require alarms to have a permit from the director of excise and licenses. If an alarm is not registered, there is “no guaranteed police department response.”

According to the city’s website, Denver police receive over 10,000 alarm calls annually, of which 98 percent are deemed to be false.