Warmer weather is just around the corner, and so is the start of spring cleaning. Cleaning and decluttering your house is second nature, but fitness routines can also benefit from some tidying up – especially now when people have more time to think about their workouts at home.

Rumble Boxing recently opened up a new studio in Cherry Creek and they’re helping you knock out the winter blues.

What are the benefits of Rumble Boxing?
•             More confidence, coordination, stamina
•             Increased metabolism, muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness
•             Improved muscular endurance, core strength, and power

Rumble’s teardrop-style boxing bags are filled with water, so they’re easy on your muscles and joints no matter how hard you 1 & 2. The energy, the lights, the playlists and equipment are custom only to Rumble and are curated specifically to support your sweat in every round. The workouts are led by some of the most inspired and inspiring instructors on the planet. Our trainers are equal parts DJ-motivational speaker.