There’s nothing more nostalgic than spending the 4th of July weekend having a BBQ with family and friends. However, this year, the cost of hosting a BBQ may shock most people when they go to check out at the grocery store. For those consumers looking to DIY their grilling – they can expect to spend 17% more on food for a barbecue ahead of the holiday weekend.

Kevin Bryla, Head of Customer Experience at SpotOn, predicts this will be one of the most expensive 4th of July weekends (this year and maybe ever in recent history) as food prices have increased significantly, including BBQ essentials like meats, produce, beer, and more.

A popular alternative to feeding the masses is to order online as restaurant menu prices are rising at a much slower rate. Ordering a 4th of July meal direct from local independent restaurants gives consumers the opportunity to support the local economy while trading in cooking for fun.