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DENVER — She really did fly to Phoenix.  That’s what 53-year-old Shari Weissman tried to convince a Spirit Airlines ticket agent Tuesday morning to no avail.

“It was like I was in the Twilight Zone. I couldn`t believe what I was hearing,” said Weissman.

The Denver native had just spent two days in Phoenix attending to a family emergency when she tried to board a flight home to Denver International Airport on Tuesday October 28.

Instead the ticket agent told Weissman her ticket had been canceled because she never boarded her outbound flight in Denver two days earlier.

“She said, ‘yes Ma’am, I know you`re standing here in front of me, but you were not on the flight.’ And I said ‘do you  understand how ridiculous this sounds?  I`m here in Phoenix, you`re telling me I was not on your flight to Phoenix,” asked Weissmann.

Weissman had her plane ticket receipt, her hotel and rent-a-car receipts but she did not have her boarding pass from two days earlier.

Weissman says she threw it away after landing in Phoenix never guessing how important it would be to have with her at the Phoenix airport two days later. “I did pay for a carry-on and I have all the documentation for that but how do I prove I  was on that flight?” asked Weissman.

FOX31 Denver spoke with Shari’s brother Mike Beaver who insisted he was with Shari at DIA just before she boarded her Phoenix bound flight on Sunday October 26.

To an absolute certainty she was on that flight,” Beaver said.  He had just flown in from Phoenix for the family emergency the siblings had been tag teaming.  He couldn’t believe it when he found out Spirit Airlines claimed his sister never boarded the plane. “It’s stunning.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so insulting.”

FOX31 Denver contacted Spirit Airlines by phone and email and not long after, airline spokesman Paul Berry released a statement admitting the airline made a mistake.

It reads, “We are very sorry this unfortunate situation took place. The first our customer relations team heard about it was from the media calling us today.  I have personally spoken with Ms. Weissman and expressed our regret and have already begun the process of making her whole.  She seems to be satisfied with our response.”

“Our records show Ms. Weissman boarded the plane, and then for an unknown reason our records show that she unboarded the plane.  In such circumstances the remaining legs of a customer’s travel are canceled.  When Ms. Weissman worked with an agent at our ticket counter we tried to resolve the problem, but she could not produce the necessary documentation to allow us to help her.  We are still investigating why and how this could have happened,” Berry said.

“I was a ghost on scary Spirit Airlines,” joked Weissman.  The airline has agreed not only to reimburse Weissman for the unused portion of her Spirit plane ticket, but for the Southwest Airlines ticket she had to purchase in order to get home to Denver as well.